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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Answers from our attorneys

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Q: do i need to file for a divorce if i was common law married and filed joint and married on my tax return?: we have been split up for 3 years now, but we were together for almost 3 years and had a child together. i am ready to move on and am not sure if i need to file for a divorce. nothing was ever in writing about us being married other than us filing our tax return together for 2 years, me using my maiden name.

Posted about 1 hour ago in Divorce / Separation.

A: Edgardo's answer: You can either file for divorce and argue the three elements of the marriage or you can go to the AG to get child support for the child. Find a law firm able to help you.

Posted 24 minutes ago.


Q: Recently I had a 16 year old pull out in front of me while I was on my motor cycle.: I received sever injuries, spent 6 day in the hospital and 2 months in bad. The 16 year old only has 25k worth of insurance and my medical bills far exceed that. The person who pulled out in front of me was at fault and received a citation from the police. What should I do?

Posted about 1 hour ago in Car / Auto Accident.

A: Edgardo's answer: You need a law firm that is experienced with dealing with insurance companies and that would fight for your rights. One of the ways to be able to get above policy limits is to STOWER's the insurance company. Hope this helps.

Posted 35 minutes ago.


Q: Personal appearance in partition suit in TX: When a suit is filed to partition land in TX? How much of it can be done remotely versus having to appear in person? Also, how much notice is give of a personal appearance needing to be made and what is the estimate of how many personal appearances may be required?

Posted about 1 hour ago in Litigation.

A: Edgardo's answer: You are asking a jurisdictional question which would required more information to be able to answer intelligently. Courts have to have subject matter jurisdiction as well as personal jurisdiction. You may need to contact an attorney.

Posted 39 minutes ago.

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