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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Family Issues and hard economic times

As our country endures the recession, many couples are suffering from the effects of improper financial planning and the inability to cope with stress, which leads to tensions in the marriage and many times divorce. Although our firm provides services for couples that are seeking divorce, we believe that parent have to always look at the impact that their actions would have on their children.

For the most part, the parents that come to us for dissolution of marriage, have almost always forgotten about what their actions would have on the children of the marriage. They focus on the personal problems and not on the family ones. Our society has blinded us to believe that it is best to take care of our own personal needs, rather than our family ones. This is one of the reasons for infidelity in the marriage.

The man does not feel respected by the wife, because she is always nagging, and so he goes into the slippery road that leads to infidelity. The woman that does not feel loved by the husband, because he is not listening, and so she lets another gentler, loving person in her life by telling him her problems and before she knows it, she is doomed. All the while, the children believe that “their parents” are perfect that they love each other and that they love them; when in reality the parents are been selfish.

This phenomena is aggravated by our financial situation since money is the root of all evils. When couples do not have a plan or are capable of handling stress as a couple, they resolute to the simplest, most convenient way (or so they think), of resolving the problem between them, they opt to get a divorce. Not once do they stop to think that their decision is going to affect their children for the rest of their lives.

The children now start to act out once they find out that mommy and daddy are not going to be together anymore. Many children cannot cope and it reflects in school with their behavior. Meanwhile, in Texas, many courts require counseling for the families; however, the devastation that divorce creates on the children will last a life time. And this could all be prevented, if either of the parents would seek help or talk to each other about their problems.

We see many couples that have resolute to allow help in their marriage and it has work. One of the best ways to do this is to allow God to intervene with the situation and things can change for the best. Many couples allow God to be the center of attention in their lives, which in term minimizes the financial chaos that surrounds them, and so they focus more on the families than on their separate needs. If you are thinking about divorce, we urge you to let HIM get involved in your life, and let HIM handle the problem for you.

On the other hand, there are secular ways in which to resolve the problems facing our families in this tough economy. One of them is by providing ways to earn extra income for the family. We see that many couples problems become lesser when they have ways to secure the families financial future. When families work together, they stick together. And when they enjoy their success together, it last longer.

We urge families facing with divorce to take a different approach to the trend that has paralyze the strong family bond that we once had. Do not let finances ruin your family’s life.

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  1. I am so glad that we can help people during this tough economic times.