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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are you having problems with the Texas Board of Nursing?

Been investigated by the Board of Nursing (BON) can be a stressful situation, specially if this is your first time. The Texas Administrative Code § 213 has some practice and procedures as well as guidelines for nurses under investigation.

Just like any other human been, when you are been investigated, you have the right to an attorney. For the most part, once the process start, you have 30 days upon which to file a written response to the BON about the allegations that lead to the alleged violation of the Nursing Practice Act.

The Báez Law Firm, P.C. has nurses and attorneys that understand what you are going through because they are also nurses. It takes a special person to understand the hard work that nurses do every day; the stress handled by nurses; and the ramifications of a violation of the Nursing Practice Act.

We have defended RN's, LVN's, LPN's, RT's, MD's and many other health care professionals deal with the stress that an alleged violation and investigation may bring to the individuals life. Would you let us help you?

Come meet one of our attorneys or legal assistants that are also healthcare professionals and can identify with what you are going through. We do this because, we care about your legal needs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Service to our community

We understand that the economy is making it difficult for people to pay for their legal expenses. This is specially true when it comes to divorces in Texas. The Baez Law Firm, P.C. has always stride to serve our community and the public in general. We have partnered with one of the most successful website in Texas in helping people with their divorces.

For clients that are unable to afford our $250/hr rate, we will direct them to the website Cheap Texas Divorce so that their divorce can be accomplish. On the other hand, we understand that some people may need the assistance of an attorney during this difficult time in their lives. So we have come up with a solution.

During the months of June, July and August, we will provide the legal counseling, preparation of documents and instructions for people that would feel better in doing their divorce. In other words, we will imitate what Cheap Texas Divorce does, but with a more personal approach.

Each person that walks through our law firm will talk to one of our attorneys, if they decide that they could not afford us as a law firm, the option will be given to them to hire us to prepare and instruct them on how to accomplish the divorce for only $500. We will provide a consultation with an attorney, prepare the petition for divorce, waiver of service, and final decree of divorce. We will then give them the instructions on what to say and do in order to finalize their divorce.

We will informed them of the process of "proving up" a divorce, the statutory waiting period and everything else needed to obtain the divorce. We are doing this as a service to our community and as a bail out from the expenses of a divorce for Texas residents.

The Báez Law Firm, P.C., is a general practice law firm that offers to our community: Personal Injury and Auto Accidents assistance, Family Law, Business Law, Criminal Law, Consumer Law, Bankruptcy Law, Litigation, Appeals, Estate Planning, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice and many more areas of law.

Come see us, and you will know the difference from the moment that you walk in through our doors, your initial consultation is always free. This is why we say, "We care about your legal needs!"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcom Yvonne Ruiz, the newest member of our law firm

Our Law Firm has strive to give our customers the best legal services available, at the most affordable prices. We do this, by hiring competent attorneys, legal assistants and office staff. Yvonne Ruiz is an example of one of our newest staff members.

Ms. Ruiz is well versed with customer relations so she is the new face and voice of the firm. When you call us, you will hear and feel her charisma and good character when dealing with clients and the public at large.

The Báez Law Firm, P.C. has been representing individuals and business throughout Texas with their legal matters to the client's satisfaction. Our track record indicates that our clients are satisfied with our performance. Our newest receptionist will be a compliment to the already talented staff that we possess.

We handle personal injury, business law, family law, criminal law, bankruptcy, estate planning, investments, annuities, appeals and many more. Come see us, and you will know the difference from the moment that you walk through our doors.

Your initial consultation is always free. Visit us in our website The Báez Law Firm, P.C. or San Antonio Law Firm. Visit our blogs at: Personal Injury Lawyers, General Practice Law Firm, Trial Attorneys.