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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are you having problems with the Texas Board of Nursing?

Been investigated by the Board of Nursing (BON) can be a stressful situation, specially if this is your first time. The Texas Administrative Code § 213 has some practice and procedures as well as guidelines for nurses under investigation.

Just like any other human been, when you are been investigated, you have the right to an attorney. For the most part, once the process start, you have 30 days upon which to file a written response to the BON about the allegations that lead to the alleged violation of the Nursing Practice Act.

The Báez Law Firm, P.C. has nurses and attorneys that understand what you are going through because they are also nurses. It takes a special person to understand the hard work that nurses do every day; the stress handled by nurses; and the ramifications of a violation of the Nursing Practice Act.

We have defended RN's, LVN's, LPN's, RT's, MD's and many other health care professionals deal with the stress that an alleged violation and investigation may bring to the individuals life. Would you let us help you?

Come meet one of our attorneys or legal assistants that are also healthcare professionals and can identify with what you are going through. We do this because, we care about your legal needs.

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