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Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Antonio Lawyers and Attorneys

The Baez Law Firm, P.C. has lawyers and attorneys ready to help you with your legal needs. We are a general practice law firm that handles personal injury, business law, family law or criminal law, as well as other areas of law.

Whether your need is on personal injury, business law, family or criminal law, The Baez Law Firm, P.C. is here to help you with you legal needs. We take care of major trauma as a result of an accident, or small auto accidents in general. Insurance companies have their legal team, and so should you.

If you are a big business or a small mom's and pap's store, we can help you handle all aspects of your business legal needs. Contract formation, business representation, entity formation and many more.

When you are facing divorce, come see us before your spouse does. We handle child support issues, custody issues, and all areas of family law, including common law marriages.

If you have been wrongfully accused, we can help you. Our clients have presented their cases to the jury successfully. We also handle police brutality in Texas. The Baez Law Firm, P.C. we care about your legal needs.

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