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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Divorce issues, come see us

Although Texas allow you to do your own divorce, when you are going through it, it would be better for some one, other than your self, to handle your legal position. The reason is very simple, since you are not able to be objective, you may miss an important aspect of your representation.

One of the reasons that our attorneys take time to hear your case while on your initial consultation, is so that they could be as objective as possible. When it comes to a divorce, child support, modification, SAPCR, custody, cps issues, and many others, let our attorneys handle them for you.

Our legal team of attorneys and others will confer about your case, and together, will bring the solution to your legal problem. We can help you, when you are either the petitioner or the respondent in a divorce. We can help you if you are the grandparent trying to establish visitation rights.

The Baez Law Firm is a general practice law firm in San Antonio handling all aspects of family law, divorce, child support, adoptions, modifications, cps cases, grandparent rights and many more areas of law including personal injury, business law, criminal law, and appeals.

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