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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Retaining wall collapses in a San Antonio neighborhood

AP-On Sunday, a retaining wall in the Northwest side neighborhood The Hills of Rivermist split, opening a 30-foot-deep gash in the ground. Homes were in danger of collapsing and more than two dozen families were evacuated. Engineers moved in Tuesday, dumping tons of dirt in the deepening hole, dubbed a "slope failure" by city officials, in an attempt to prevent further dirt slippage. The neighborhood of Rivermist was built by Centex Homes, a subdivision of Pulte Homes.

The city is keeping a close eye on these repairs and they are also expanding their inspections to other retaining walls around the city. A retaining wall was improperly built and perhaps withou city permits. "We see this type of slope failure in many places if the construction is not done properly," said University of Texas at San Antonio's geotechnical engineering professor Dr. Sassad Shafique.

City engineers have agreed with Shafique, so they have started their own inspections of the wall and houses. The outcome should be reported shortly. We will monitor who gets blamed for the incident.

Our lawyers have been contacted by several home owners in an effort to help them with their problems. If you are one of them, join our efforts to obtain justice and find the thruth about this and other problems affecting our community.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Custody issues, come and see us

The Baez Law Firm has helped thousands of families all throughout Texas with their legal disputes including custody issues. We have obtained custody for our clients based on changes of circumstances of the children.

Our San Antonio Family Lawyers have helped grandparents, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles with their family disputes and with bringing families together through the court system.

Visit our Law Firm if you have question regarding family law, divorce, child support or custody issues in Texas. We can help you from pre-trial preparation to trial if necessary. Call our Law Firm (210) 979-9777 so that we you can talk to one of our attorneys about your case.

Your consultation is always free. Let us put our attorneys for work for you on your family case.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Child support issues, come see us

Texas law is quite clear on the issue of child support; however, it has not been changed for a while. As many of our clients notice, it appears that it is beneficial for the custodial parent in relation to child support, this is because child support is statutory.

For example, when a man a woman are together, it should be the responsibility of the husband to provide for the welfare of the family, specially if there are children involved(although that is not the case with many families). Once a divorce occurs, the non-custodial parent should be responsible for the welfare only of the child, not of the ex. That seems to be a logical way to handle child support, but that is not the way that Texas law is written.

In Texas, even after you are divorce from your ex for years, and you now become better financially, you are still required to provide more (although the law says for the children) but we all know that is for the ex. We say this since, the child's needs (during the marriage) are still are the same whether you are a millionaire or a poor person. In other words, the fact that you now have a better job should not mean that you have to pay more for your child since the child's need have not changed.

Unfortunately, that is the law in Texas. We see that, many former spouses stay in the same condition as they left the marriage, while others make some thing out of themselves and the court punish them, although not directly. In essence, rewarding the former spouse for the efforts of perhaps a new one.

We are not advocating not to pay your child support, what we are arguing is that, unless there is a extraordinary set of circumstances, child support should not change that much throughout the life of the child.

If you have been sued for an increase of child support, come and see us we can help. We have helped thousands of people in San Antonio pay the child support that is required and no more. Give us a call (210) 979-9777 or visit our website The Baez Law Firm, P.C.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Have a legal problem, come see us

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