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Friday, February 26, 2010

Have a legal problem, come see us

Often times, people think that a legal problem is simple, and that it can be taken care by themselves. Because of popular TV shows, the general public may be misguided by the intricacies of the legal system. The fact that, many problems are simple enough, should not be the only factor considered when examining whether to obtain legal representation.

In Texas, there are many particular laws that, if not followed, could be detrimental to a case. For example, if you are injured by an insured, and you think that you can handle the settlement, often times the insurance will stall the process, loose your paperwork, and ask you to sent it to them again. In the mean time, you forget about it, since your car is fixed, by the insurance of course, but the personal injury claim that you may have, is running out of time.

Before you know it, it has been two years, and some one tells you that, you have to file a claim by yourself, since you are now facing the "statute of limitations" phenomena. What to do? Another example, you need a divorce, but you think that you can do it yourself. Often times, smart people think this way since it appears that any one can take care of it. Well you forgot a step in the process, now you are divorce, and you cannot go back to fix your mistake.

Situations like the one mentioned happen constantly simply because people did not want to incurred in the expense of hiring an attorney. We ask our clients if they would do their own surgeries, or if they would take out their own car's transmission, the answer is always, of course not. Then we ask, why then, would you handle your own legal problem?

It is not that people are not smart, it is that people, specially ones with legal problems, cannot remain objective about their own legal problem, and that can be dangerous. Many great scholars tell students that "only a fool would have him/her self for a client."

Do not make the same mistake, let a team of legal minds take care of your legal needs, whether small or big, let The Baez Law Firm, P.C. work for you.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Bankruptcy Lawyers are here for you

The Baez Law Firm is proud to anounce that Xiomara Escalante-Sostre has joined our legal team as of counsel, to take care of the Bankruptcy clients and immigrations of our firm in Federal Court.

We have been helping cosumer and businesses alike when they are facing financial difficulties. We counsel the clients on the best cause of action and continue to represent them throughout the bankruptcy estate proceess.

Since Xiomara specializez in Bankruptcy and immigration, our clients will benefit from her expertize in this area. Consume debt is a real problem in todays economy, and when you are in need of help, our law firm is here for you.

Do not face your creditors alone, because they have the uper hand against you. But, when our experts are helping you, you will be in charge of your destiny, not your debt. Let us fight for your rights.

Visit our websites: www.thebaezlawfirm.com www.san-antonio-lawyer-attorney.com www.sanantoniopersonalinjurytriallawyers.com