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Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Bankruptcy Lawyers are here for you

The Baez Law Firm is proud to anounce that Xiomara Escalante-Sostre has joined our legal team as of counsel, to take care of the Bankruptcy clients and immigrations of our firm in Federal Court.

We have been helping cosumer and businesses alike when they are facing financial difficulties. We counsel the clients on the best cause of action and continue to represent them throughout the bankruptcy estate proceess.

Since Xiomara specializez in Bankruptcy and immigration, our clients will benefit from her expertize in this area. Consume debt is a real problem in todays economy, and when you are in need of help, our law firm is here for you.

Do not face your creditors alone, because they have the uper hand against you. But, when our experts are helping you, you will be in charge of your destiny, not your debt. Let us fight for your rights.

Visit our websites: www.thebaezlawfirm.com www.san-antonio-lawyer-attorney.com www.sanantoniopersonalinjurytriallawyers.com


  1. Announcing bankruptcy is usually a daunting issue. Where really should one begin? What kinds of bankruptcy must a individual apply for? How the current bankruptcy laws influence an individual's case? What will probably be the consequences of a bankruptcy filing? You just have one shot, therefore it's in fact crucial that you have it best at the first try. This actually is why selecting the right bankruptcy lawyers is needed.

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