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Monday, April 12, 2010

Defending the wrongfully accused

The Baez Law Firm has the reputation of only defending the wrongfully accused. Our attorneys do not, and will not take criminal case unless the evidence shows that the clients are innocent. This blessing has been given to the firm since God was the one who commanded that the firm be formed and represent the wrongfully accused.

Our firm does not use dilatory tactics to benefit the clients, we utilize the TRUTH. Since facts are better than legal maneuvers, we examine the facts very closely. The problem sometimes comes from a over-zealous District's Attorneys office that, even when exculpatory evidence is presented, they choose to prosecute because of political reasons rather than for the Truth.

Many Innocent individuals have been found guilty in Texas, because of this phenomena. Some counties are more prominent than others. Bexar county is at the top of the list. Too many wrongfully accused have been convicted and that is why we continue to defend new cases.

Thankfully, the juries that hear our cases see the truth and none of our clients have been convicted. We attribute this to the fact that God is in control of our attorneys arguments.

If you, or some one you know have been wrongfully accused of a crime, please come and see us. We care about your legal needs.