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Friday, September 3, 2010

Representing the wrongfully accused

This week, The Baez Law Firm is representing a wrongfully accused client. This is the case of The State of Texas vs. Rene Gonzales. We are doing this because is the right thing to do.

Rene Gonzales has been accused of aggravated sexual assault with a child. The lead attorney in the case is Mr. Baez, a father of four girls. The reason why Mr. Baez took the case is best explained by him. "There are too many innocent people in Bexar County Jail accused of a sexual assault simply because the DA is not doing its job properly."

Rene Gonzales case is not the exception. Mr. Gonzales DNA was not present in the little girl's underwear. There is no physical evidence that the girl was sexually assaulted. The DNA evidence was taken from the crime lab by some one for long periods of time, which in forensic evidence is a no-no. A DNA profile was made to believe was that of Rene Gonzales, when in reality it was not. The chain of custody of the DNA evidence is questionable.

Too many things that do not add up but yet the DA still prosecuting this case. Dr. Salah best explains this phenomena "the DA has garbage in and garbage out," he states when commenting on the job of the crime lab and the whole prosecution of Rene Gonzales.

We are asking our readers to pray for Rene Gonzales that the truth shall set him free. We also pray that Mr. Baez continue to stand for what is right, even if it means to go against the DA's office in Bexar County.

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