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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Press Release: Case Settle for Clients involving a Trucking Accident in the Eagle Ford Shale area!!!

When The Baez Law Firm gets involved in a Trucking Accident, We get Results for our clients!! We do this because our clients are important, and because we have teamed up with the best doctors and surgeons in the nation to care for our client's injuries. Our San Antonio Lawyers know how to negotiate a case for our clients and know when we have to fight in court. We win!!

We created our Free Accident Application so that the injured can use it during the Accident. This free tool will guide you and protect you during a Trucking Accident, or any vehicular accident for that matter. Use it its FREE!!

Our Personal Injury Website is another tool where our clients and the general public in San Antonio or other cities can contact us and get useful information in the event of an accident.

Our Super Lawyers service Tilden, Jourdanton, Pleasanton, and all the Eagle Ford Shale area. If you have been injured by an 18 wheeler truck, give our law firm a call.

Top Trucking Accidents waiting to help you!!!